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Little Warriors Kickboxing

Our “Little Warriors” kickboxing program is designed for children 4 - 6 years of age. The program is geared towards children learning the basic skills to enter our regular Kickboxing Program.  Little Warriors are taught basic kicks, punches, stances, and anti-bullying techniques. Classes are structured in a fun and interactive way, to encourage learning and participation in a supportive environment. All classes are taught by the head instructors only, to insure consistency and high quality.The average class consists of a warm up, kicking and punching, discussion on topics ranging from rules of the gym to bullying, and ending with a game.


Several benefits of this class are:

  • Physical activity

  • Learning to listen and follow instructions

  • Being exposed to a structured environment

  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Building friendships with other children

Youth Kickboxing


  • Physical Fitness: Kickboxing exercises their bodies from head to toe

  • Learning Self-Defense: learning to face confrontation and fear

  • Learning Self Control: through kicking & punching under controlled conditions and how kickboxing has to stay at the club and can't be used outside of the club unless for self-defense

  • Learning Respect for Others

  • Kids need to 'let off steam' too!: The physical training through kicking and punching pads allows them to relieve stress from their daily lives

  • Mental Training: Increased Concentration Span. Kickboxing is not all about the 'physical'.  Kids become mentally stronger by learning complicated pad work and combos that require a lot of concentration & memory.

  • Major Increases in Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem: in even the most recluse child

  • Self-Discipline: through doing what they are asked to do and keeping going in their training even when the training gets tough.

  • Instructors and Senior Students who really care about the kids and their developments

Adult Kickboxing


  • More Energy:  By improving your stamina, balance, flexibility and even your strength, our program keeps exercising interesting

  • Self-Defense: Learn how to defend yourself and how to avoid physical confrontations.

  • Discipline & Focus: Improves concentration through focusing on complicated patterns

  • Goal Achievement: Whether you are 15 or 50 we are always working on achieving the personal goals we set for ourselves and receiving a sense of personal victory

  • Group Reinforcement

  • Self-Confidence: As you progress through the belt system you become more self-confident through the club's encouragement to succeed.  This self-confidence is then carried over into your career and your every day life.

  • A Sense of Belonging


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